“Know ye, O Prince … there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue marbles beneath the stars. Hither came a whole bunch of rpg gaming blog drivel to assault the sensibilites of dedicated gamers and their imaginary friends. Twas a nightmare hellhole maelstrom out there — until MMO Dwarf did stomp amongst them and decree an end to such paltry shenanigans. Here be his proclamations! Here be his manifold wisdom! Here be the mighty battleaxe of his incisive Dwarven snark, bearing down ‘pon all buffoonery before him like a commercial lawnmower let loose on spaghetti bolognaise …

Worst thing about being a seriously hardcore DnD or MMORPG gamer? The world of RPG Gaming blogs STINKS. That’s why all your non-gamer friends think you’re such a loser. They look in on these haplessly stinky LOSER BLOGS and swiftly become convinced of your LAME LAME LAME credentials — possibly even posting online to all their favourite non-gamer forums how you are so clearly an unreconstituted TWAT.

But now it’s time to set the record straight and show these clowns what a true DnD & MMORPG Gaming Blog should look like. Yeah, NOW is the perfect moment to make these uninspired and boringly unadventurous souls feel the full brunt of  TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT for dissing such a cool fricking hobby — not to mention raising so many offensive questions about your personality, rationality, and overall life direction as manifested in your selectively ‘individual’ taste in clothing.

Here’s where RPG Gaming Blog ACTION gets seriously DANGEROUS in the form of TRULY GUTSY gaming commentary so IYF authentic you can hear it fart.

So join with MMO Dwarf on a blogging adventure of a lifetime destined to transform your reality forever as we step out into the inspiring quest entitled

RPG Gaming Articles That Don’t Make You Wanna PUKE

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MMO quests suck big time in top MMORPG games
6 Killer Reasons Why MMO Quests Suck Big Time When Every Big Time MMO Is a Big Time Waste Of Time, Why Aspire To Be An Immortal? Who doesn’t love pulse-pounding and immersive MMO gaming action? Who doesn’t crave the max excitement experience that only a killer online quest delivers? Who doesn’t go batshit crazy at the thought of booking a week off work to trailblaze the ultimate MMO thrash sesh with like-minded gamer zealots?
MMO players suck big time in top MMORPG games
6 Killer Reasons Why MMO Players Suck Big Time Nothing beats the thrill of teaming up with fellow heroes to defeat the most powerful dragon in the land. Nothing tops the excitement of plunging into a Death Star’s deepest craters alongside your A-list gaming buddies, laser cannons blazing. Nothing can ever match the frenzied hollers of party excitement as the ultimate boss finally meets his demise thanks to a combination of cunning teamwork, tactical gaming,