your ultimate elf names generator tool makes naming MMORPG or D&D characters easy

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Includes instructions for generating sexy elf names to make even the most savage warg pant with an almost juvenile passion!

Picture the scene …

You’re desperate to play the coolest Elf character ever. For MMORPG, DnD — or the daily cosplay romp destined to boost your Geek Status levels up to EXTREME.

Problem is … what to call yourself?

It’s hopeless to the point of shameful merely to tap the fantasy literature archives for inspiration (because even “Orlando Bloom”has been done to death a zillion times over).

And making up your own elf names isn’t as easy as you think.

“Marvin” won’t cut it, “Persinore” sounds like a sedative, and “Crushbrain Cocksplatter” is too borderline orcish.

What’s needed is a SUPER HOT Elf Names Generator TOOL for solving your elf names dilemma at a stroke

The ultimate, foolproof solution for coming up with perfect elf names, 100% guaranteed!

Turns out you’ve found precisely the right place to unearth such a profoundly useful UTILITY — so read on, and discover true wonders

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Elf Names Generation … Simplified

MMO Dwarf’s Elf Names Generator Tool/Utility is the easiest ever gaming resource to use.

And it comes in three super practical flavours.

First flavour is called Read & Bookmark — and this works like a regular internet article (mainly because it actually is one).

Second flavour is called Way Handy Infographic — and this is a download intended specifically to benefit anyone who wants to keep MMO Dwarf’s handy information close to hand on their phone or tab (or maybe as an alluring T-shirt design or tattoo for a shaved pet’s back).

Third flavour is called Hardcore PDF Download — and this option means you get to keep MMO Dwarf’s Elf Names Generator in your 100TB cloud storage area forever (alongside all the movies, books and music you downloaded illegally and will never have time to look in on because you’re mortal). Alternatively, share with a friend.

Ready to get started?

Your Handy Elf Names Generator Tool/Utility/Resource Thing

All you need to generate your totally authentic-sounding elf names is a simple polyhedral d20 die … a few minutes of your time … and a profound desire to demonstrate to the planet that elves don’t suck like in truth they really do.

Instructions For Use

1) Roll a d20 and add 10 to generate an Elf Names Nomenculaturiser Number.

2) Consult the tables below, 1-2-1-2 or 2-1-2-1 (d2 decides), writing out your Elf Name one lyrical phrase at a time until you reach your E.N.N.N.

3) Congratulations! Now you sound like a REAL ELF!

Elf Names Generator Table 1

1 – ilio

2 – ollua

3 – erio

4 – alilia

5 – elloala

6 – eralia

7 – olira

8 – ethelia

9 – iralio

10 – auralela

11 – iralianda

12 – etherali

13 – aloria

14 – irirula

15 – aerili

16 – araluala

17 – ilirini

18 – ethraluilo

19 – aralirili

20 – iriolirilio

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Elf Names Generator Table 2

1 – leriolor

2 – mirin

3 – doron

4 – hereld

5 – miros

6 – galand

7 – dolond

8 – mirond

9 – mereth

10 – niroth

11 – gilir

12 – golend

13 – maraz

14 – milind

15 – nerend

16 – lasolas

17 – zuul

18 – hallular

19 – dilend

20 – miliar

As promised, here’s the Hardcore PDF Download Version … and here’s the Way Handy Infographic

elf names for your mmorpg or dnd character

Click to enlarge. Right Click to Save. Prints ultra darn easy to T-Shirt or Suitably Shaved Pet*

Need Sexy Elf Names?

Your best solution for generating sexy elf names is to roll 3d5 and hit on a trio of random vowels. 

Now you can add these strategically to the elven names generated by your MMO Dwarf Elf Name Generator and create a fantasy identity to wow the planet. 

Bonus Tip: Make it a rule during your games that your name can ONLY be spoken or referenced while LYING DOWN ON YOUR BACK IN A PROVOCATIVE MANNER.  This way, you’re guaranteed to be one hot elf. 

(You may even be SO HOT that a wizard will show and turn you into a frog, thus sparing dwarfkind any further need of bothering with your ass.  In return for this favour, MMO Dwarf is prepared to offer you an incredible range of inedible biscuits.)

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