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About This Secret Buried Treasure Chest

 MMO Dwarf’s Secret Buried Treasure Chest came into his possession in exchange for the life of legendary Ogre Chieftain Throngarr the Mighty following the equally legendary Battle of The Western Mountains. This chest is now used as a general repository for MMO Dwarf’s miscellaneous nick-nacks — like toenail clippers, spare battleaxe hafts, and navel fluff the bin men refuse to recycle — but sometimes, random offers appear that don’t seem to fit in snugly elsewhere on the site. Unlike MMO Dwarf’s Personal Treasure Chest (which contains gold and jewels raided from fantasy’s most dreaded crypts and dungeons), the Secret Buried Treasure Chest is available for anyone to have a poke around in — so now that you know it’s here, please feel free to return in a few weeks time and discover what exciting new stuff has been loaded up inside. You might even want to bring a friend, just in case there’s nothing inside the chest that takes your fancy and you’re keen to impress them.

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