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“Know ye, O Prince … there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue marbles beneath the stars. Hither came a whole bunch of MMO gaming drivel to assault the sensibilites of dedicated gamers and their imaginary friends. Twas a nightmare hellhole maelstrom out there — until MMO Dwarf did stomp amongst them and decree an end to such paltry shenanigans. Here be his proclamations! Here be his manifold wisdom! Here be the mighty battleaxe of his incisive Dwarven snark, bearing down ‘pon all buffoonery before him like a commercial lawnmower let loose on spaghetti bolognaise …

neverwinter online adventures for mmorpg players
THE ONLY NEVERWINTER ONLINE REVIEW YOU’LL EVER NEED is COMING SOON! This is only a TRAILER like you see at the movies when you’ve gone to take in the latest MARVEL STUDIOS AVENGERS blockbuster and you’re eating your nachos before the lights go dim while 150 seconds of RomCom slush featuring an actress you’ve never heard of compels you to shout I WANT IRON MAN AND THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!! so LOUD that the ticket gal
MMO quests suck big time in top MMORPG games
6 Killer Reasons Why MMO Quests Suck Big Time Who doesn’t love pulse-pounding and immersive MMO gaming action? Who doesn’t crave the max excitement experience that only a killer online quest delivers? Who doesn’t go batshit crazy at the thought of booking a week off work to trailblaze the ultimate MMO thrash sesh with like-minded gamer zealots? Turns out the answer is so often … game developers. It’s true that most games are mostly good
MMO players suck big time in top MMORPG games
6 Killer Reasons Why MMO Players Suck Big Time Nothing beats the thrill of teaming up with fellow heroes to defeat the most powerful dragon in the land. Nothing tops the excitement of plunging into a Death Star’s deepest craters alongside your A-list gaming buddies, laser cannons blazing. Nothing can ever match the frenzied hollers of party excitement as the ultimate boss finally meets his demise thanks to a combination of cunning teamwork, tactical gaming,
Elves suck big time in top MMORPG games
6 Killer Reasons Why Elves Suck Big Time Technically, this article should be entitled “Six HUNDRED Killer Reasons Why Elves Suck Big Time” — but much as I love to loathe elves, I don’t have an entire near-immortal lifetime to waste on dissing their collective ass. So I will limit myself to 6 killer reasons. Why elves suck. BIG TIME! Burn these bullet points into your brains, fellow dwarves. Tattoo them onto your hearts, emblazon